Zekiah Ramego (twistedEngineer) was abandoned by his lusus after his hive was built. He pretty much raised himself. He taught himself how to build many different gadgets (most of which would explode on his first couple of tries). At first Zekiah is very insecure about not having a lusus and he lies to his friends about having one all the time but eventually he opens up to his matesprit (Angel Lejion) about it. Zekiah soon becomes pretty proficient at engineering things and was pretty good on his own for the most part.
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Age - A little over 8 sweeps (18 years)
Height - 5'10"
Hair Colour - Black
Blood Color - Forest Green 
Eye Color - Burgundy 
Strife Specibus - Firepokerkind, Shurikenkind
Sylladex - Cannon Modus
Symbol - Questras
Class - Page
Aspect - Blood
Lusus - Abandoned
Matesprit - Angel Lejion
Moirail - None
Kismesis - None
Auspistice - None
Planet -

Land of Lightning and Gadgets (LOLAG)

Dream Home- Prospit