• Theextant

    Kannus: Entry 2

    January 18, 2013 by Theextant

    Well, last time I wrote, I said that Vertex linked me with the highbloods. Well, I’d have to say a couple of things about one of the people in the hornpile afore I say anything ‘bout that. There’s a lass in the hornpile called Anelie. Anelie Marama. She’s rather shy and sweet, another teal I’d found myself taking solace from the company of. She reminds me of Carrim, it endeared me to her from the moment I met her. Though they’re both real different, they both have the same kindness and gentle heart. I would’ve said she was like a moirail but she’s already got one, as much as it pained me to write that. I was there when she and Calcus because moirails and the two are really good for each other, so I can’t really be too sad about not being A…

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  • Theextant

    Kannus: Entry 1

    January 16, 2013 by Theextant

    I ain’t really sure what’s prompted this journal, or even why I’m leaving it behind here. I guess, I dunno, maybe for once I just don’t want to be forgotten? I want there to be something of me behind after I leave? A small piece of selfishness. After all, I ain’t really gonna be sticking around forever, I’ve never stuck around anywhere for long, here’s prolly the longest. Here. The hornpile. A place I would normally have just skipped on. Well, why not? There’s so few people here, trolls and humans both, someone’d remember me. So, if’n that’s the case, why write this? Well, because memory fades with time, and, I dunno, I want them to remember me like I’m still about? It’s all selfishness, but I can’t help that. I’ve found that I care about …

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