aka Laurie

  • I live in The Felt
  • I was born on December 28
  • My occupation is No Life
  • I am I got ze tits
  • ObnoxiousPeddler

    Okay, this is entirely new for me.

    The Doctor told me to write some important things down, but by gog my mind is blank. I am supposed to record important data, but I cannot concentrate with all of this blasted music playing! He constantly plays his records, despite my pestering and the thrown objects. I admit, some of the songs are quite catchy, like the one with the salmon fisher, but that does not mean he should blast it in my ear every minute. 

    I guess I should introduce myself to the inanimate journal, like I was told to. I am Nepeta Leijon, five sweeps old, annoyed pupil, and follower of the green sun. I have been studying with the Doctor for half a sweep now, yet he has not told me anything important. He goes on and on about people I h…

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