This is an alternate version of Karkat Vantas who lost his eye sight by the age of 6 sweeps. Seeing as this happened during his session of sgrub he was left behind with no one but his version of Sollux Captor to keep him company. They manage to stumble upon the dream bubbles where they resided and explored for the past three sweeps.

Recently he has taken to the hornpile when he was accidentally left there by Sollux which in turned caused ( forced) him to learn the layout and the bubbles inhabitants. It was there that he met an alternate version of Terezi Pyrope who taught him to sniff and taste colors. While he is no where near as accurate as she is with this, it allowed him to interact with his surroundings independently ( of course he will occasionally get overwhelmed when there is too much variations of color in the area).

Though he has mixed feelings on polygamy he does have two matesprits and at times will lose himself in thoughts about his choices, which ultimately leads to a case of selfloathing and sulking which is best handled by his moirail, Kannus.

Kannus was also met in the hornpile, but karkat will never ever never explain how they got together, what they do when theyre in private, or anything about anything envolving his pale quadrent becuase thats between him and kannus and any of you nosy fucks can fuckoff sideways in a ditch.  'to put it simply he is the most cuddly, clingy, cheek kissing little grub the to ever grace the afterlife.

He doesnt remember when he and Alpha!dave became a thing. And recent events caused him to wonder if the relationship would even last much longer, despite the little agreement theyve come to. What he does know is that he hates that stupid human with all of his bloodpusher and could never hate anyone or anything as much as he hates dave aside from himself.

Out side of his quadrents he really goes by first impressions and will ignore/ remove himself from the prescence of the more..hyper members of the pile. Others he will observe but will never be the first to approach and will react with a rather odd response when approached since hes simply not used to others seeking his company. Recently hes been getting friendly with calcus, both alive and unalive and occasionaly tries to spark a conversation with his alternate copperSteampunk.  Seeing as he now lives in the dream bubbles he has a loose grip on reality and time, often forgetting his age. When asked he'll simply reply " DOES IT EVEN FUCKING MATER' and assure the asker that hes not a is also for this reason that he doesnt bother changing his shirt to reflect his blood color. 

unseenHatered Karkat " blindkat" Vantas
Age - 9 sweeps
Strife Specibus - Canekind
Symbol - Cancer
Lusus - Crab Dad - deceased.
Aspect - Blood
Class - Knight
Matesprit - (deliciousLackofspace) & (hopelessRomantic)
Moirail - Kannus (fearlessExtant)
Kismesis - Alpha Dave (admiredCanter)
Auspistice - None