Chaotic Zelix

Zelix harnessing his powers of chaos.

Age - Over 7000 (lost track)
Strife Specibus- Blade kind, Fist kind, Staff kind
Sylladex - Chaos Modus
Blood Colour- Crimson
Sign - A symbol he has carried since birth
Lusus - Xihtug (deceased)
Matesprit - -
Moirail - -
Kismesis - -
Auspistice - -

unsanctionedImbalance, who sometimes answers to UI, Zelix, and "HEY ASSHOLE", is a male human who has only recently stumbled upon the hornpile. He has no idea what it is, where it is, or how he got there, but he doesn't care too much. 

Zelix is a male human of average size who typically has a solemn look on his face. He is very observant and likes to ask questions if he doesn't understand something. Unfortunately, he does not have a very good grasp of sarcasm, and tends to take most things literally. He can usually be found either in the library searching for a good book to read, or outside strifing with anyone who is willing.

Zelix's interactions with the other individuals in the hornpile have been generally unpleasant (for the other individuals that is). Most people see him as a self indulgent asshole and are highly agitated by his presence. Zelix does not mind, however, because he knows that people simply do not understand why he acts the way that he does. Their cultural differences simply prevent them from understanding. He has engaged in several physical confrontations with OBsidianpanda, to the point that now any sort of contact between the two almost guarantees strife. Regardless of the fact that most are bothered by his presence, Zelix still loves interacting with people, especially the trolls, and he finds them to be fascinating. 

Until recently, Zelix was a Guardian of Balance for a God from a different dimension. He would use only a couple types of strife specibi, mostly limiting to fist kind and occasionally blade kind or claw kind (but he loves his spells). However, he recently lost all of the powers given to him by that God, and was forced to find a different deity to follow. He now follows the God of Chaos and Destruction, but does not have as much power as he once had. As a follower of Chaos, he is imbued with several powers allowing him to be dangerous in a fight. He is mostly docile, but since his conversion to the realm of Chaos he has become far more unpredictably chaotic. His Chaos Modus allows him to capchalogue any number of items, but sometimes items can vanish from his inventory, or be transformed into other things with no discernable pattern. Prior to his conversion to Chaos, Zelix had no quirks, for he insists on constantly having impeccably flawless grammar at all times. Since his conversion to the God of Chaos his speach has become a bit more chaotic, but his natural inclination for balance can still be seen.