The dreaded Typosaurus. A distant Grammaropteryx soars in the background.

A terrible Saurian monster, Typosaurus Wrex exists for only one thing, to maul, mutilate and even kill unsuspecting words and sentences. Regular typoes are not recognised as attacks by Typosaurus. only truly distressing, sentence ruining examples qualify, the sort of thing that makes you shake your head and say "Okay, there's no way this is *my* fault!" Guess what? It isn't, Typosaurus just got to your post and had a little snack...

Typosaurus Wrecks is an ambush predator, lying in wait for an innatentive player to leave their work unguarded, then pounces in the time between the last keystroke and the pressing of 'enter'. Using it's selective invisibility and incredible speed it sometimes gets the drop on entire paragraphs at a time.

Current theories as to the origins and habitat of the Typosaurus are speculative at best, the beast is elusive and very shy (when not on the hunt). At present our best guess is that it is a native of the same primordial, magical demi-plane that OOC fairies originate from (which might explain 'mauled' fairies). Time appears to be running out for study, too, as sightings have become ever more rare, mostly due to players guarding their words much more closesly since the great Typosaurus rampage of Nov '12. Typosaurus Wrecks is currently on the Hornpile's Endangered species list.

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