tiamatsGladiator is the chumhandle of Ryuu Enomoto, a Welsh human of Japanese descent. He played SBURB with several friends. They completed the game, spawning a new universe and restoring the one that had been destroyed over the course of their game.

Ryuu tends to be a quiet and peaceful person. As the Prince of Doom he is able to destroy all fear and doubt from his allies. He also feels a strong connection to a lawful and orderly lifestyle and tends to prefer those who are not disruptive and unruly. He was co-leader of his session.

tiamatsGladiator Ryuu Enomoto
Age - 19
Strife specibus - Blade kind, staff kind, club kind and fist kind
Title - Prince of Doom
Relationships - None
Eastern Zodiac - Dragon
Western Zodiac - Gemini
Name meaning - Dragon who lives beneath the hackberry tree