"i did for medical history" "it's somthing important, you won't understand" -Pre-Hornpile felix 2013

"gET tHE fUCK aWAY fROM mE yOU sHIT" -Post-Hornpile felix 2016




Felix (chumhandle is terminalVectrex)  is a human who lived on earth until the SBURB session. he currently lives in the old ruins of what the Hornpile was, living in the past and breaking a thing or two.

Pre-Hornpile lifeEdit

Felix was quite a scientist and hated the Peixes family and was disliked due to his characteristics. he fell into obscurity in the last moths of the hornpile. He hangs out with Jane and Mort and attempted to kill The Condesce until he failed his plan and was banished to the depths of the hornpile where he was never seen again.

Post-Hornpile lifeEdit

Felix was not well like or people did not notice him, it took him three years after the hornpile's defunct to figure out his illness, ever since his fight with condy, he was stabbed with with a rustic instrument that sickened him soon following facial scars and loosing his sanity. felix was left behind when the hornpile defunct. he remains alone with all the supplies he uses to pass the time.

alternian lifeEdit

when he entered to the alternian planet, he was claimed as a madman and had no interest for him. three days afterward one troll needed help he did his best and preform to save it and granted as a doctor after that day.

Felix  has been given a dead body for him to examine the insides and documented all he can observe. he has over 6 books on what he knows about the bodies.

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