Shipping WallEdit

So you want to know who like/hates who? This is the place for all the drama and where we may keep a collection of canon ships that take place in the hornpile. Feel free to add as the love drama continues. Please do not include non-canon Quadrants, or one sided relationships.

Matespritship, the flushed quadrant ♥Edit

Name Quadrant Name
Abella Beck
Nepeta Holly 
Calcus(Doomed) Dave
Morull Calcus
Karkat xenoBiologist

Kismesissitude, the caliginous quadrant ♠Edit

Name Quadrant Name
Blind!Karkat Dave

Moirallegiance, the pale quadrant ♦Edit

Name Quadrant Name
Calcus Anelie
Karkat Prycor
Beck Kira

Auspisticism, the ashen quadrant ♣Edit

Name Quadrant Name
-Insert name here- -Insert name here-