Zeke behaves much like Dave (and uses the same all lowercase typing style). He enjoys freestyle rapping from time to time, and has been known to participate in rap battles if someone challenges his sick skillz.

He is a very avid music lover, and has an extremely vast array of songs of all genre types on his iPod, which allows him to make use of the iTunes fetch modus .

He has a great fear of tentacles, and makes it very clear that he will not stand for any tentacles going anywhere near any of his orphices; he has seen enough anime to know where that is going. 

Zeke also has a passion for martial arts, which he practices frequently, and uses exclusively for his combat style. He does not often employ weapons, but has been known to use a katana from time to time. He is generally passive, and will rarely fight anyone for anything other than recreational sparring. 


Zeke's appearance is also much like Dave's. He has a very calm, chill look on his face most of the time, and medium length dark brown hair. He wears sunglasses and a light colored hoodie that has the Apple logo on the front.