When a character speaks no special action is taken. the player simply types and presses enter. When a player wants to speak as *themself* rather than their character (Out Of Character), they will usually deploy an OOC buttfly.

The defining feature of an OOC buttfly is it's 'wings', or double-brackets. For instance...

In Character or IC (no 'wings'):

exampleChar: Hi everybody! What did I miss?

Out Of Character or OOC (with wings):

exampleChar: ((OMG sorry about that guys, the router threw a fit))

OOC buttflies often appear with deformed or missing 'wings', due to typoes. These poor creatures are treated with tenderness and pity by the entire community. stratosChatter/Morull is known to run a refuge for these unfortunate, malformed examples of the OOC fairy species.

buttfly swarms

Often the Memo becomes massively derailed by a solid mass of buttflys. These 'buttfly swarms' are considered a nuisance (dimensionallyStable/Anelie is in fact violently allergic to buttfly), and some characters (notably motherfuckingHonkalicious/Gamzee) actively attempt to wave them away or disperse them with fly-swatters or cans of butfly repellent. It is unknown why some characters can see and interact with the buttflies. Current wisdom puts it down to "motherfuckin' miracles" and leaves it at that. Nobody ever said these guys were genius scientists (although one or two definately *are*).

variant; OOC brownies

When the roleplaying process suffers a critical failure and the characters simply stop doing *anything at all* while their players chat (often a result of a player's sudden and unexpected departure or a Full Henderson derailment) the entire Memo may be declared (or just become) fully OOC, making the use of buttflies redundant. wings are abandoned, although everything is still considered OOC, and the resulting posts are considered OOC brownies (buttflies without wings, geddit?)

((they're really called fairies,  we just had to do this   XD ))

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