oBsidianpanda, also known as Tobias doesnt tell anyone his last name as he finds it doesnt matter most of the time and he refuses to tell most of everyone. In other words nobody other than him knows his last name and it shall stay that way for a long while.

Tobias is a rather short tempered, clumsy, and violent troll. His current and first matesprit is arctusCanis also know as Selair Wudelf and he has  no moirail or any other relationship of the sort. He was akward around people at the hornpile when he first came and is still kind of akward, but at least he actually participates in conversation now. His short temper constantly causes him to yell at others and punch several people in the face. He often is suspicous of the couches attempting to murder him or severely injure him at least. This is is a result of several events of him getting his shit kicked in by a "mysterious invisible force" hint its the couches. He is one of the many contributers to all the holes in the hornpile as the couches have smashed him through the floor many a time. He has night terrors constantly as a result of the burning down of his hive and the forest he lived in but this may also be a result of him refusing to sleep in a coon because it makes him feel slow and kind of strange. He talks in a quirk that is kind of random and doesnt really have any sort of importance, kIInd 0f 1IIke thII5.

Tobias uses a few differant types of strife specibus including, scythe kind, fist kind, and scyfle kind, witch is a combination of a scyth and a rifle. He is a rouge of void and has the ablilty to go invisible though only for a few seconds.

tobias as drawn by an irl friend of mine don't know why he's saying no dont ask -_-

oBsidianpanda- Tobias

lusus-                                        giant raven (deceased)
blood color-                                purple
sign-                                          crescent moon
age-                                           7 sweeps
syladex-                                     array modus
strife specibus-                           scythe-kind, fist-kind, scyfle-kind
matesprit-                                   genelePleaser(off memo wolf troll)
moirail-                                       none
kismesis-                                    none
auspistice-                                  none