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This is a wiki for the characters and other canonical information for the #hornpile memo on PesterChum!

"Welcome to the Hornpile, less erotic than Shakespeare!" - official (if rarely-used) greeting to the memo

What the hell is this and what am I doing here?Edit

Within this wiki you'll find the chumhandles and character bios for the regulars in the #hornpile memo on Pesterchum as well as important events that are going on and any little tidbits we think are important to our little community/just plain fun. If this is your first time here please visit What_is_the_Hornpile? and Rules

Please see the following categories to find information about the residents of the hornpile or other information about the hornpile, or use the searchbar in the upper right corner.


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Shipping Wall!Edit

This is where we can gather canon pairings into one spot for ease of use.

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Hornpile Asteroid

The Hornpile. It started as a literal pile of horns...