kernelTherapist, commonly called Kern, is the rarely seen founder of the channel. KT is usually a rare attendant of the memo, though a frequent lurker. KT rarely flaunts a ban hammer and generally delegates OP duties to others, granting final word to the technical founder, motherfuckingHonkalicious.

KT is a resident of Pittsburgh. From the username, it can be assumed that KT is also familiar with software development and diagnostics.

KT's typing style is fairly proper with some occasional omitted punctuation. KT rarely RPs and usually omits the (()) OOC markers because they are a jerk.

This lovable person tends to monolog--not unlike Kankri--about the technical aspects of memos, often in response to questions. A heavy use of technical abbreviations are also common for KT. These tendencies can have the effect of inducing a catatonic state, especially to characters like copperSteampunk.