divineHeroine is the Chumhandle of Kira Matroy. Kira is a human/troll
hybrid. She insists that she is Beck's (arcaneJoker) fiancee but is actually disgusted about the idea of dating a guy let alone marry one. Beck and Kira are just Moirails. Other then that, very little is known about her.
divineHeroine Kira Matroy
Age - 7 sweeps (apparently)
Height - 5 feet 5 inches
Hair Colour - Black
Blood Colour - Jade
Eye Colour - Brown
Strife Specibus - Pistol-kind
Sylladex - Eight Ball Modus
Symbol - Alpha
Class -


Aspect - Space
Lusus - Tinkerbull
Matesprit - None
Moirail - Beck (arcaneJoker)
Kismesis - None
Auspistice - None
Crushes -

None of your business

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