this is a non-canon weapon and it is used for the hornpile use only

The 'Crocker Preject Gun' or C.P.GEdit

Crocker energy gun

with the powers it can hold, it will use any power of energy in the room.

this weapon is far from your average ray gun. this is a Crocker Corp weapon and was built by Jane Crocker because she was locked out of the main room one time and now this will help her get in any room in the Hornpile but she soon discovered it can be used as a super weapon.

weapon usesEdit

upon being harmed by feferi, she has a huge grudge against her and will do what it takes to show her how she feels even if it kills her. but this weapon uses all kinds of energy.

from simple energy to horrorterrors to magic, it will use it's aura and manipulate it to it's own power to blast a high frequency beam to dissolve or vaporize any part to ash or have the target melt and fires in one beam, best stay away from it!

Prejecto Gun mark IIEdit

And not only does it end there, we got a newer version and with a better chance of a high energy rate. Firing the rifle can emit a high energy blast that will relax the muscles causing the foe to fall completely, weaken by the blast if they were hit then the user can take the advantage to hurt them more.
Prejecto gun v2.0

now even better with a BANG!

Post Hornpile life Edit

Felix (who lives in the hornpile after the defunct) has acquired the weapons, bashing them with a hammer to break it down so no survivor can use them for their own gain.