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cottontailCureall is the trollian handle of Braire Lepori, a yellow blooded troll who has been assigned the Lepus (rabbit constellation) symbol. She wears a yellow mini-skirt with a fluffy cotton tail sewn onto the back of it, a black tank top with her symbol on it (in yellow), and black high heels. She ususally has a yellow bow in her hair. Her hair is quite long and usually worn down although she can tie it up into a secure bun in less than a minute with no accessories. She tends to wear make up, and her horns are tall with a slight down-point at the end.

Braire, like many ochre-bloods, is a psionic. Her powers allow her to heal others. In theory she may be able to use them to destroy bodies in the same way she can heal them, but due to her extremely restricted life she has never tried such a thing.

She was taken when she was just a grub by the Condesce. It's rare that someone of her ability and symbol is hatched and for millenia they have served a vital role for Her. Braire serves as personal healer for Her Imperious Condescension. Not only is she psionically gifted with healing but she's also capable of brewing and mixing many tonics, elixers, salves and the like. By order of the Condesce she brews an ancient life-extending potion and administers it to the Helmsman, the only other troll she's allowed to treat in any way. For reasons she's not at liberty to disclose, the Condesce recently began ordering her to treat his pain as well as extend his life.

The Condesce forbids Braire from ever participating in combat. As insurance of her cooperation in that regard Braire is not allowed armor and is forced to wear the clothing that much younger trolls typically wear. She is also not trained in any form of strifing.

Recently Braire entered a session of SGrub. She has five co-players including the last remaining Lime blood.

Braire's name is taken from Bre'r Rabbit, a classic American folktale character.

Braire Lepori cottontailCureall
Age - 10 sweeps
Strife specibus - Psionic kind
Blood color -


Sign - Lepus (rabbit constellation)
Quadrants - All empty
Lusus - None
Sylladex - Purse modus