Karkat Vantas

Karkat wearing his headphones to drown out craziness. ~drawn by copperSteampunk

One of many of the resident Karkats, CS is one of the original, founding residents. 

Mostly canon (up to a point), CS is generally considered as the 'prime' Karkat and generally acts as you might expect of the character. He is xenoBiologist/John's Matesprit and babydaddy to adorabloodthisrtyPrankster/Kellen. His union with xenoBiologist, while somewhat unconventional, can be considered to be the most successful concupiscent relationship in the Hornpile, being the only one to have produced a child (along with being one of the longest-standing). This relationship has caused him to mellow out some and, despite the fact he continues to abuse the insult and curse word lexicon, he strives to make everyone in the pile feel welcomed and at home. 

All in all, CS is a stabilising, calming influence on the entire memo despite his CONSTANT YELLING and crabby (haha) disposition, often acting as temporary auspistice or moilrail as the situation arises. He's also a fountainhead of culture among otherwise mostly media-ignorant Trolls, and always willing to give quadrant advice if asked.

Often when he finds himself annoyed or simply with no desire to be social, yet still not willing to be alone, CS will put on noise-reducing headphones and pull out a book to read, which can range from the newest romance novel to the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes (troll or human depending on his mood) to books studying humans and their culture/world. 

Age - 9 sweeps
Strife Specibus- Sicklekind
Sylladex - Encryption Modus
Blood Colour - Candy-red
Sign - Cancer
Lusus - Crab-dad (deceased)
Matesprit - xenoBiologist
Moirail - amaltheasCornucopia
Kismesis - -
Auspistice - -