chipperGolgotha is the chumhandle of Karkat English, the adopted son of Jake English. When he was about a sweep old he was discovered by Jake and removed from the care of a tinkerbull to be raised as Jake's son.

Karkat is currently about 10 years old and wandering the multiverse in search of his father. He is also currently engaged in SBurb although he doesn't fully understand it. His fellow players are Aradia Lalonde (mom Rose), Kanaya Lalonde (mom Roxy), Tavros Strider (bro Dave), Equius Strider (bro Dirk), Feferi Egbert, Terezi Crocker, and Sollux Harley.

He achieved godtier long before his other peers and has climbed quite far on the echeladder, making his page abilities actually useful. His session has not yet reached its conclusion.

He generally does not wear his godtier outfit, preferring denim shorts, hiking boots and a green t-shirt. His strife specibus is gunsickle kind, pistols with sickles attatched like bayonettes.

Karkat English chipperGolgotha
Title Page of Blood
Age 10 years
Nickname (to distinguish from other Karkats) Kidkat