Beck in his normal human form.

arcaneJoker is the Chumhandle of Beck Mellor. Beck is a human/troll hybrid. During his many travels through many universes, Beck has lost his vision and his right leg. But to make up for his loses, he learned to use echolocation and made himself a robotic leg. He fell in love with one of many Vriska Serkets during his time traveling between the universes but she was killed by an insane Terezi who hated Beck.

Beck with horns

Beck after he gets his horns.

arcaneJoker Beck Mellor
Age - 7.5 sweeps (apparently)
Height - 5 feet 8 inches
Hair Colour - Black
Blood Colour - Purple
Eye Colour - Blue
Strife Specibus - Blade-kind, Bat-kind, Staff-kind, Fist-kind
Sylladex - Array Modus
Symbol - Omega
Class -


Aspect - Time
Lusus - None
Relationships: Matesprit - Abella (abellaEloisa)
Moirail - Kira (divineHeroine)
Kismesis - None
Auspistice - None
Child - Verrex (ragingKitty)