Kellen Vantas

Teen-aged Kellen

AdorabloodthisrtyPrankster aka Kellen Vantas is the son of copperSteampunk/Karkat and xenoBiologist/John. His chumhandle has a mispelling that Karkat likes to claim is intentional but in actuallity, his father never noticed the typo until too late.

Kellen was conceived through the use of magic by abandonedvioletPrinceofhope/Eridan on a past!John and thus was a completely unexpected surprise. 

This young troll-human hybrid looks mostly like his father Karkat, with the exception of having white hair and red eyes (the result of Karkat's mutant blood working with human genetics). His skin is a paler grey than most trolls and is less protective. His teeth, once fully grown in, are a combination of his parents, bucked and slightly sharp. As a result, he has much difficulty with the letter "f" and it comes out more as a puff of air than anything.

Within the hornpile, Kellen mostly attends as a 2 year/1 sweep old toddler. He has close connections with many of the trolls and humans, generally referring to them as "Unca" or "Antie" and a strong insistance that all Karkat's are "other Daddies" reguardless of their timeline or alternate universe. 

A teenaged Kellen will occasionally come into the pile in order to visit his past parents and family members "for the shits and giggles". It is unknown at this time if this is his only reason.

Teen!Kellen's relationships are unknown, however due to his hybrid genetics he is sterile and seems to have no sex drive at all. He is still a cutie though, and due to this, is the subject of much teasing by certain members of the pile,