is a sexy sex beast. his body cant be tamed. he even went to the extent of removing all the mirrors and shiny surfaces in his house, because he is just so sexy, the sight of himself is an instant pants-tent. is that a BBQ? NOPE its just dave walking by. someone get the
Dave strider by syb-d4ubtmy large

*sizzle sizzle*

marshmallows, daves in town. 

when in heat, he smells strongly of doritos. he also highly likes doritos so he constantly has sexual fustrations about not being able to fuck himself. 

who likes to fuck trolls that look like littles boys whom cant speak or cant see.

Has a strange obsession with Karkats in general......

May have lust for ALL THE KARKATS but is completely in love with UI

UI is completely hot for dave and wants him to show him what it means to love

Once got down on one knee and sang "what is love? baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more" to UI and then made gargling noises as he flew of into the sunset with his new bride, UI

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