Alpha dave 1

Dave fighting some of the Batterwitch's minions.

admiredCanter is the chumhandle of Alpha!Dave. Not much is known about him except that he has made two Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff movies, has dedicated his life to fighting the Batterwitch and preparing a home for his future brother, and that he has been married twice. It has recently come out that his husband is Mr. Crocker (pipeFan314) but the identity of his wife and the status of their relationship is still unknown.

Dave is almost always wearing a deep red suit with white shirt and red tie. He seems to favor a darker shade of red than his Beta counterpart(s). If he is ever seen in the hornpile wearing something more casual, it's almost certainly because the wounds he's taken from fighting the lackeys of the Batterwitch are too painful to fit into a suit.

Dave has been accostumed to a polyamorous lifestyle for many years, meaning that he acknowledges and respects his capability and the capability of others to be invested in multiple serious and emotional relationships at once without detracting from or disrespecting anyone. He feels that most people are polyamorous by nature, as most people have serious and emotionally invested relationships with multiple people, and that whether or not you're having sex with someone has no effect on whether or not you are in a loving relationship with them. Most people try to break it into neat groups of things like "family", "friends", "best friends" and "romantic partner" so that no one gets jealous or feels threatened, but he believes it's really all the same and the fact that he has sex with his partner and doesn't with his best friend has zero effect on how in love with them he is or how dedicated to them he is. He is currently involved with a handful of people, some of whom would be considered in the same quadrant by troll standards. He has co-primary partners - Dad Crocker, and his wife who still remains unknown to absolutely everyone in the hornpile.

This Alpha!Dave appears to be albino. His skin and hair are completely devoid of melanin, leaving them snow white

admiredCanter Alpha!Dave Strider
Age - Adult
Strife Specibus - Blade kind
Husband - Mr. Crocker (pipeFan413)
Wife - Unknown
Matesprit - None
Moirail - Unknown
Kismesis - Blind!Karkat (unseenHatered)
Auspistice - None